Saturday, July 3, 2010


by: Felix B. Daray

San Roque is a remote barangay that ranges hilly, flat and slightly
rolling with silky loam soil. It has 438 hectares more or less or 1.53%
of the total area of Digos City.

The main source of livelihood is farming. The early settlers in 1940's
planted corn as their main staple food. In 1970, some farmers planted
sugar cane. Because of the rise and fall on the price of sugar, some
farmers shifted to mangoes production in 1982. Ten years after, mango
production started to boom because of the great demand for exports
and for local markets. The farmers got hefty profit that even tripled
compared to sugar production. With my neighboring farmers, I planted
my two hectare lot with grafted mangoes. Using the modern technology
of farming, I started inducing the plants to bear flowers at 8 years

Mango fruit production became the main source of livelihood. Sugar
cane farms were intercropped with grafted mangoes. Years latter, more
and more farmers planted grafted mangoes. Based on my survey in 2005,
100% of the total land area of San Roque was fully planted with grafted
mangoes, the sweet and juicy variety, 'mango cebu'. 70% of the mango
fruits produced in Digos City came from San Roque.

Thus, San Roque is regarded the "mango country of Digos City


  1. ang dami mo palang mangga sir, sana makabisita din ako dyan sa lugar mo... nahihiya pa ako sa mga write ups ko...mali2x ug grammar.. may isang site din ako.. promoting philipines

  2. Prince.., thank you for reading my blog. You comments are highly accepted.I have been reading your site.

  3. ah gikan diay ka sa corella sir, i was graduated in college in CVSCAFT now BISU sa Bilar. Si sir elpedio mao na among president sa school. ...visit sad akong isa ka blogs sir

  4. I will try to visit BISU this coming December.Elpidio Magante was our salutatorian high school batch 1965. From BSAT ,it turned to BISU. I missed so much my Alma Mater.

  5. sir, pwede makahingi ng mga tips sa inyo about sa mangga. at mga chemicals na ginagamit nyo parati kasi akong lugi kung magspray ako ng mangga.

  6. Search ca sa google: Tips on Applying Flower Inducer to Mango Trees by Felix B. Daray

  7. Search ca sa google: Tips on Applying Flower Inducer to Mango Trees by Felix B. Daray

  8. sir thanks for sharing your tips, is there already a regular buyer of your mangoes? asa nimo gina baligya imong mga abot sir FD?

    Thanks po.

  9. Bisan kinsa basta mo downpayment og 90% of the estimated total gross amount.

  10. Hello po ano po ung complete address nyo sa digos? Pwede mag visit asap po sana tnx Godbless

  11. felix, komosta man imong manggahan. naay 8 hectares ahong in laws sa san roque, sigi man kono ug ka arkanse. mao nga nangita na lang mi ug buyer sa manggahan. willing to sell for 1 million/ hectare


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